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Fort Worth Wedding DJ

Fort Worth wedding dj
The iPod and similar mp3 players are nice personal pieces of technology. They lets an individual listen to all of their music whenever and wherever they want. They do not even have to choose what songs they want to play. Just put it on shuffle and listen away to all your favorite songs. The ultimate in convenience.

That begs to question, is hiring a professional Fort Worth Wedding DJ better than playing an iPod at your wedding? When it comes to a wedding, the answer is definitely yes. The iPod is great at playing your own music, but it does not live up to the standards of a real live DJ at a wedding.

5 reasons why hiring a Forth Worth wedding DJ is better than an iPod.

1. A Ft. Worth wedding DJ is instrumentally important for running the party as it’s emcee. He or she sets the party’s tempo, makes the announcements and more. Without this a party can lag and wander.

2. When there are toasts at the wedding, the DJ coordinates them and makes sure they go off with out a hitch.  They also coordinate the events of the wedding like the first dances, cutting the cake, and the bouquet toss.

3. A professional wedding DJ actually reads the crowd and adjusts the music accordingly to keep people dancing and keep the wedding party fun.

4. A DJ  interacts with the crowd and pumps them up. This ensures the crowd is active and involved and has a great time.

5. A DJ brings his/ her own equipment, sets it up and makes sure it functions perfectly. It is a turn key solution and can include wedding gobo lights, wedding uplights and more.

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